Mountain racing is a branch of motorsport in which riders strive to overcome a certain ascent in the shortest possible time. Mountain racing is one of the oldest disciplines of motorsports.

RALLY - Document's

Here you can find all the documentation for the rally as well as the application for the competition


Our Story

Rally Racing

From the very beginning, rally racing has been the most attractive type of car racing. Each rally competition consists of several special exams, and the winner is the one who overcomes all special exams in the shortest time interval. In addition to the skills of both drivers, we should also mention the accompanying team, whose task is to prepare the vehicle for each stage as well as possible. There are various rally races, from one-day races to races that last several days.

About us

Gaga motors

Gaga Motors has many years of experience in participating in and organizing rally races of the domestic and European championship (ERT). Our club has gained a reputation as a great host, both among domestic and foreign teams that cite Serbia as one of their favorite destinations. Competitions organized by our club, as a rule, attract a lot of attention from the media, sponsors and the audience.


Grad Bor



Petrovac na Mlavi

Veliko Gradište



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