Rally is a type of motorsport that is held on closed sections of the road. There is a driver and a co-driver in each vehicle, trying to reach the finish line in the shortest possible time. The rally can be held on various surfaces, from snow to gravel to asphalt.


Reli je vrsta motosporta koji se održava na zatvorenim deonicama puta. U svakom vozilu se nalaze vozač i suvozač, trudeći se da za u što kraćem vremenskom periodu stignu na cilj. Reli se može održavati na različitim podlogama, od snega preko šljunka do asfalta.


Circuit racing is a discipline of car racing in which competitors fight to be the first to cross the finish line after a certain number of laps. Initially, these races were held on closed public roads, but with the popularization of this discipline, races began to be held on tracks specially made for round races.

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